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Diversity and inclusion

In line with our Social Rights and Ethics Charter, we pursue a social policy based on integration through work and respect for equal opportunities, combating discrimination and promoting diversity.


We pursue our policy of promoting and raising awareness of diversity and the need to combat discrimination. We continue to support all forms of action to encourage equal opportunity, equality between men and women, vocational integration of young people, employment of seniors and the transmission of knowledge and skills, as well as maintained employment and recruitment of persons with disabilities.

Air France and KLM are committed to equality and respect for sexual orientation and therefore have a number of networks and initiatives in place, such as “Personn’Ailes” and “Over the Rainbow” LGBT networks.

The commitment to fostering equal opportunity applies to all recruitment and internal selection processes, as well as to professional development.

  • In the Spring of 2019, Air France organized a Rainbow Morning event with more than 200 people from the airline and seven LGBT associations during the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. On this occasion the Air France CEO, Anne Rigail, signed the association L’Autre Cercle’s LGBT+ commitment charter.
  • KLM hosted the annual Workplace Pride International Conference around the theme Inclusive Sustainability for more than 300 visitors from all over the world. This is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the working conditions of LGBTI worldwide. Fifty years after Stonewall, KLM organized a special Pride Flight with an all-gay crew. The focus of LGBTI Over the Rainbow network has been on increasing awareness and enhancing discussion. 


The Group has long been committed to gender diversity and equality between women and men. Aware of our role, we are committed to promoting professional equality within our teams, and strive to boost a positive dynamic in the areas where we operate.

Gender diversity within teams ensures a better balance on the individual level and has a positive effect on the performance of the organizations. More inclusive businesses are known to attract more talent, be more customer driven, have higher levels of employee satisfaction, make better decisions and be more innovative and creative.

We monitored a new key performance indicator at Air France-KLM : “% of women in managerial positions” In 2019, the rate of women in managerial positions increased for all categories of staff compared to 2018 :

  • Women represent 33% in the top 10% management level positions for ground staff,
  • Women represent 5.2% of flight deck crew managerial functions,
  • Women represent 65.5% of cabin crew managerial functions.


Air France

Professional and wage gender equality between women and men is a major business priority and an area in which the company would like to make progress in terms of human resources management:

  • This undertaking was reflected in the signing in 2018 of a fifth Agreement on Professional Equality between Women and Men, with the unions.
  • To ensure equal treatment, a series of male-female comparative indicators are tracked annually within the framework of an audit carried out within each division of the company (training, careers, vocational safety, and remuneration). Special wage equalization and equitable salary management measures are in place, together with an annual audit of male and female comparative remuneration.
  • Air France published its index on professional equality between women and men (March 2020). With a score of 94/100 (increase of 5 points compared to 2018), Air France clearly exceeds the minimum threshold of 75/100 set by the government. This result reflects the commitment and work carried out by all Air France teams to achieve professional equality and is an encouragement to continue with efforts.

Feminization of the profession is a fundamental axis of professional equality:

  • Promotion of women’s access to all business activities
  • Support of women’s access to the highest levels of responsibility, through mentoring and coaching actions to promote their professional development.
  • Air France’s women’s network: Created in March 2018, the Women for Tomorrow (WoTo), with the goal to reinforce the recognition of women within the Group, currently numbers some 600 members. The 2019 financial year was marked by working groups, meetings with external contributors, workshops and the launch of the website.  
  • Air France is a member of the “Elles Bougent” external network, composed of female business mentors who encourage young girls to join engineering or technical professions.

To promote inclusivity within the company and put an end to end to everyday sexism in the workplace, several actions have been taken :

  • An internal campaign “#Osonsledire” (#Let’ssayit) encouraged the employees to speak up and share the sexist remarks heard on daily basis.
  • Air France is a signatory of the Diversity Charter and is a member of 30 leading French companies under the #StOpE initiative, supported by the French government.



KLM is convinced that Diversity & Inclusion is of great importance within the organization. In March 2019 the CEO of KLM signed the Talent to the Top Charter, a manifesto aimed at increasing the number of women in management positions. The charter contains guidelines and clear agreements that help KLM purposefully work towards durable and effective results. 

Research shows that teams with greater diversity and inclusive leadership contribute to better decision-making, creative solutions and faster and better innovations. By promoting gender diversity, the inclusion of other diversity groups (cultural, LGBTI, disabled people etc.) is stimulated. Ultimately, this also has a positive impact on (financial) operating results.  Some examples of KLM initiatives are: 

  • Preparing diversity ‘awareness’ sessions in Management teams.
  • The Diversity & Inclusion Circle, which is a group of VP’s and EVP’s of various divisions. From 2019 onward, KLM Flight Plan 2019 sets a target for 16% of women at “Top management” level, 26% of women at “Senior management” level, and 31% of women at “Junior management” level. In 2019 the KLM video series “Diversity & Inclusion in practice” started, showing a broad array of KLM staff, with diverse jobs and backgrounds. KLM focusses on increasing a better gender balance (gender diversity) in management by promoting gender diversity, and the inclusion of other diversity groups (cultural, LGBTI, disabled people etc.) is stimulated. 
  • A Female Leadership Programme was launched in November, giving women a chance to be prepared for the next step in their career.  
  • In addition, Management Team-commitment sessions are organized. These are workshops in which the MTs of all divisions become aware of unconscious prejudices, recognize them and formulate concrete actions and measures to promote diversity and inclusion in each division.

Women on Board, the KLM network for female employees, was set up with three goals in mind :

  • to encourage concrete steps towards gender diversity,
  • to connect and inspire women from different divisions,
  • to encourage personal development.

Women on Board organizes events, featuring speakers and workshops. The events themselves have been diverse and inspiring.


We have a proactive approach to help people with disabilities into work. In 2019, the Group employed 2,939 people with disabilities.

Air France implements the provisions of the 2018-20 agreement on the employment and retention of persons with disabilities. In 2019:

  • The share of employees with disabilities within the total workforce continued to grow to 6.7%. The objective is to exceed, in the long-term, the legal threshold of 6% for the employment rate of people with disabilities, integrating direct employment and purchases from the sheltered sector.
  • With over 200 actions taken, employees with disabilities were aided in retaining their jobs through support and adaptation initiatives.
  • Increased use of companies and organizations in the sheltered sector: more than €20 million of purchases from this sector.

KLM continues to offer an employment guarantee to individuals, whose disability rate is assessed at below 35%, meaning that they either remain employed by KLM or receive support in securing employment outside the company. KLM offers protection from layoffs to employees whose disabilities render them incapable of work and who are within five years of the legal retirement age.

In 2019 a significantly higher success rate has been witnessed in finding alternative employment for people who had been unable to return to their original jobs due to disability. This means not only suitable positions within KLM but also the redeployment of incapacitated employees outside KLM. This success was due to the dedicated support of KLM’s Reintegration officers and a better program with various providers for a better match on the external labor market.

According to the Dutch law, every employee has equal rights in the workplace. Differentiating between employees on the basis of disability or chronic disease is not allowed. It is mandatory for an employer to investigate whether a disabled person can execute the work to be done by adjusting the tasks or the work environment. 

KLM Inclusief was started a few years ago as part of Luchtvaart Inclusief in collaboration with LCS (Luchtvaart Community Schiphol) and other companies in the wider Schiphol community. The aim of the program is to employ people with a distance to the labour market. The Inclusive Aviation program recruited 92 disabled persons over 2019.

KLM was able to deploy approximately 15 people from the target group within KLM and suppliers. It proved difficult to expand the programme during recent years. Successful expansion requires a programmatic approach. This year’s focus within Diversity & Inclusion is on gender diversity. The Diversity Board has indicated that it now wants to and must maintain this focus and take up D&I themes sequentially.  Therefore, there are currently no concrete targets for 2020 for this target group.

The Inclusive Aviation Program recruited during the period of July 2018 – June 2019 totally 115 individuals. A few of these have been placed at KLM and KLC. With this, the target of the program to recruit more than 100 individuals has been realized.