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Employee Journey

Innovating and involving employees

Our employees are encouraged to contribute to the Group strategy by putting forward ideas and suggestions. Getting teams involved in the planning and implementation of various projects is envisaged as a long-term approach, which supports our ambition to bring about radical changes in the way we work.


The Air France Employee Experience initiative

Numerous actions were pursued in 2019. Some examples include:

  • #TeamSpirit was reflected in the creation of Digital Champions network for employees who can provide support to their colleagues in the company’s digital transformation.
  • In January 2018, the #SocialResponsibility commitment was achieved with the first Citizen Solidarity Day organized by Air France. For one day, during work time, 1,000 employees were able to join forces with different associations. For the second edition in March 2019 2,000 employees chose to take part in one of 86 assignments set up jointly with 60 partner associations working in the fields of: supporting children in need, education, training, employment, disability and health, fight against insecurity, environment, and inter-generational sharing. This initiative provided 14,000 hours of volunteer work.

Winning Way of Working (WWoW) at KLM  

The Winning Way of Working (WWoW) is how KLM facilitates employees to contribute to the company’s ambition of becoming the most customer-centric, innovative and efficient European network carrier. KLM believes it is essential for employees to be able to get the best out of themselves every day.

KLM seeks to create an optimal working climate, enabling the company to:

  • strengthen and propagate the KLM purpose, compass and customer experience
  • help employees reach their full individual potential and that of their teams
  • attract, develop and retain the right talents
  • position innovation at the heart of KLM’s activity
  • optimise the use of facilities and resources

KLM’s vision on the work environment is set out in the WWoW Design Guide, which is constantly updated based on learnings from ongoing projects.

In 2019, KLM re-opened two KLM locations that were renovated according to the WWoW concept: (The Topside building at Schiphol Centre for Ground Services and KLC, and the Component Services floors at Schiphol- East). KLM also started WWoW projects for ten other locations.

In cooperation with partners in the renovation, KLM is actively looking for re-use of materials, such as walls, furniture and acoustic panels. Sustainability is one of the six main ambitions for the new KLM Campus, Blue Base.

The WWoW programme not only targets office employees. KLM also started a project in the Cargo operational environment in 2019.

This is the Winning Way of Working: a KLM working environment and climate that touches the hearts of employees and customers!


Caring attitude

Strengthening the link between all employees, sharing the same service-level ambition, getting to know each other better to support cooperation, being inspired, and exchanging good practices is imperative to develop an ever more caring relationship, both vis-à-vis customer or employees. Some examples in 2019:

  • 10 Customer Culture Cafés organized in 2019 involving more than 400 employees coming from all the company’s division and all management levels to share the good practices and suggest ways to improve. 3 inspiring and brainstorming meetings “Customer Culture Circles” bringing together the “customer culture” ambassadors.
  • 8 Learning Expedition Days allowed groups of 10 Air France employees to draw inspiration from the most beautiful Parisian brands through specially designed course.
  • The annual International Festival of Caring Attitude brought together more than 200 employees from around the world with the presence of Anne Rigail and numerous EVPs: This festival celebrates the best initiatives as well as the best films made by the teams to show their commitment to customer service at all times.

Employee training programs are implemented continuously to develop teams’ skills on the Five Attitudes of the Service which define the company: “To personalize, To add value, To pay attention, To have a sense of detail, and To dare”.

  • The leadership development training designed and deployed for 3,600 cabin crew managers in 2018, was adapted and deployed for 9,865 cabin crew members. Its goal is to develop its emotional impact, distinguish the Air France service through caring attitude. 
  • Continuation of the training started in 2018, aiming to give a new impetus to the caring attitude within the managers of the hub, Orly and in the French outstations. The goal was to get to know each other better as managers and to find ways to integrate and apply the caring attitude within their teams. An innovative training was also implemented bringing together all employees of the La Première experience (over 1,500 employees involved) with the objective of getting to know each other better to work better together, and to getting to know each other better to better interact with demanding customers.
  • Air France, as a major player in service in France, actively participated in the “Spirit of Service France Association”, of which it is a founding member, in the development of the first cross-sectoral MOOC “Succeed in reception and service in France”. This MOOC won the prize for “Best MOOC designed by an organization” in 2019 at The MOOCs of the Year Edflex event.

“Empowerment” budgets were extended to support initiatives taken for customers – a true change in commitment for employees and a pleasant experience for customers.

Cabin crew has a range of gifts at their disposal which can please, surprise and create connection with the customer in a special way, when the situation presents itself. This offer, called “Gifts for Care”, offers gifts from the social and solidarity economy and are produced by associations supported by the Air France Foundation. In 2019, more than 30,000 gifts were offered to customers. In addition, the “Empowerment lab” was extended to 14,000 cabin crew members in July 2019, which gives them the possibility of sending a personalized post-flight gift to the customer’s home, via the Air France shopping platform (1,500 gifts sent in 2019).

For ground staff, the possibilities of offering commercial services, have been extended and automated on the digital tablets, to encourage and support their pro-activity.

At KLM the caring attitude is our spirit and part of our KLM Compass ‘we care for our customers, our people and our planet. We are KLM for you’. The KLM Compass is the foundation for the behavior of all KLM employees to be able to reach our purpose:  Moving your world by creating memorable experiences by bringing customers the world. 

Our core values are :  

  • Desired customer experience KLM cares for me
  • Optimal staff behavior I am the best of me
  • Optimal Working Climate I own the experience 
  • Optimal leadership I am the change 

KLM supports the core values by empowering employees and by stimulating collaboration. Also Employee Promoter Score (EPS) helps to engage leaders and team members in a dialogue around issues that need to be addressed so they are able to empower their team members to be the best of themselves. 

We offer training and new ways of working to our employees. Some examples are:

  • Team- and leadership development programs at KLM Engineering & Maintenance focus on team building to involve our employees and to get better results. Our employees are empowered to utilize their strengths and given room to improve. A coaching leadership style helps to get the team a step further. 
  • Leadership Development Programs of KLM:
    • As part of KLM’s People Strategy, which focuses on Diversity & Inclusion, People Development and Leadership, KLM launched a leadership development program for Senior Management (executive level) in 2019. This program includes an individual development assessment for all KLM executives and an analysis of the current KLM culture, followed by feedback sessions and development plans to improve on KLM’s connecting leadership. KLM has decided to continue this development assessment for future executives. 
    • As part of the KLM Compass, KLM started building a leadership curriculum for managers at all levels, aimed at supporting managers in creating a culture of learning and collaboration. 
    • KLM also started a female leadership program involving fourteen highly-qualified women to support their personal and career development. In 2020 another group of twelve women will commence this program. 
  • Dashboards based on HR data have been designed to monitor the number of promotions, and the inflow and outflow of men and women. Overall, the KLM Compass links the company’s purpose to a set of values and shows the balanced need for both masculine and feminine-labelled behaviour in leadership and team composition. 



The Group has a number of different channels for in-house communication of sustainability information :

  • The Air France-KLM Yammer platform, where “Air France Takes Care” and “Sustainability at KLM” encourage employee communication and interaction. The shared information and discussion forums are open to all employees.
  • Our My Learning online training platform provides an entire section dedicated to Sustainability: a great deal of content, videos and articles are presented there.
  • The KLM CEO Mailbox, where employees can suggest innovative ideas.
  • “Les Managers Cafés” at Air France: more than 40 internal conferences were organized in 2019, addressing current CSR themes such as innovation, new management, circular economy, and sustainable tourism. 

  • Internal forums and meetings on various sustainability themes regularly organized at Air France and KLM, notably during Sustainable Development Week.
    • In October 2019, Air France organized a Sustainable Development Morning on the theme “New challenges and new perspectives”: the actions implemented by the company were presented and more than 200 employees were also able discuss with experts in CSR trends and representatives from the aviation sector.
    • In 2019, KLM also hosted specifically (internal) lectures on topics such as Sustainable Aviation Fuel and gave sustainability a central theme in its yearly Employee Event.

Awareness-raising initiatives for employees are taken through in-house surveys, gathering employees’ impressions and suggestions.

In 2019, the materiality questionnaire was sent to all Air France and KLM employees (managers and non-managers) and the Group stakeholders, with a response rate of respectively 41% of all executive managers and 9% non-managerial positions. The top 5 subjects they consider to be the most important for Air France-KLM are as follows:


Air France and KLM encourage employee involvement in progress and innovation initiatives.

DIP at Air France

The Developing Innovation Program (DIP) at Air France is a system allowing everyone to introduce changes to the company. The program already exists 25 years. Any staff member can suggest an innovation or an idea on how to improve a process in their area of activity and become an agent of innovation. The DIP program was developed in all the divisions and the best ideas by category are awarded each year, thus contributing positively to the company’s performance.

The many ideas proposed reflect the Group’s strategic priorities :

  • The top three topics (with most proposed ideas) are: quality management, customer satisfaction and simplification.
  • Ideas about occupational health and safety (4th topic with the most ideas) are crucial for risk prevention purposes.


The Digital Factory

In September 2018, Air France inaugurated its Digital Factory dedicated to innovation. Installed in front of Air France headquarters, this space has a dual mission: the digital acculturation of all employees and the incubation of innovative projects – an initiative that is part of Air France’s digital strategy.

The ambition is to make Air France simpler, more digital and more innovative. Digital is a great opportunity to go further and boost the quality of our service relationship.

  • The ground floor is open to all and includes a creativity room, “Protolab” prototype room where innovations can be tested (voice assistance, robots, etc.), showroom and forum space dedicated to conferences and events.
  • The first floor is reserved for incubation projects and hosts projects that are being developed. The permanent team brings together some fifteen people from IT, digital, marketing or trade professions. The time dedicated to each of them is 3 to 4 months. The goal is to go fast and deploy solutions quickly. The first project to come into existence is a B2B customer portal for aeronautical maintenance.
  • In total, the team supported about fifteen projects in 2019, dealing with artificial intelligence, big data and virtual reality.


Boost the Future!

After the launch of AF Angels, the Air France’s internal crowdfunding platform, the intrapreneurial system continues its development with the new “Boost the Future!” program.

This program has the same basic principles as AF Angels (intrapreneurial project ideas put forward by employees, collective decisions on their selection) but focuses on ideas creating new businesses for Air France.

The employees already registered on the Boost the Future! platform can share their know-how and experience, join or build a team, submit an idea and build a business plan with the help of a coach. The selected projects then go into the incubation phase, within Air France.

KLM Innovation Awards

The KLM Employee Event, Fair & Recognition Awards was held in February 2019. The purpose of this event was to create memorable experiences for employees and individuals while the teams were recognized for their contributions through nominations by KLM Staff members. Two thousand employees could visit this event. The Fair had 5 categories and about 45 stands.
During this event the Recognition Awards have been presented. These awards were created to encourage all the good initiatives within KLM. Topics for Fair and Recognition Awards :

  • Sustainability
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Innovation
  • Fit for the future (both physical and career) 
  • Customer experience

The award was a 3D print design, designed by an intern and made from plastic PET waste.

In November we also had a KLM E&M Innovation fair “gearing up for our future”. With more than 60 different stands and various workshops, the MRO Lab, together with all those involved, gave a glimpse into the future of aviation. To get inspired there were five zones:

  • Experiencing / robotizing : the latest augmented and virtual reality training courses.
  • Into the future: discover developments in social innovation.
  • Sustainability: learn more about sustainability initiatives like biofuel.
  • Digital Century: how we use data and digitization to make maintenance better and easier.
  • Alternative Parts and repairs: discover the multitude of technological innovations that are saving millions in alternative parts and repairs.

An Agile Lean Experience was organized by KLM Digital Studio in November. The aim was that every colleague relatively new to Agile and Lean could experience what Agile and Lean are and how to apply them. KLM employees from different teams were present on the Agile Lean Experience with mini-classes to share their way of working. For example, ‘Work in an Agile way in a non-digital program’. Everybody could learn how to create a successful, valuable and pleasant work environment.

To celebrate the cooperation between KLM and Technical University of Delft, we organized a Design Doing event in January 2019, opened by KLM COO, René de Groot. During this event you could immerse yourself for a day in the world of design. There was a marketplace where student showed their work, different teams presented solutions for different challenges and workshops were organized about Rapid prototyping, User context mapping and Design Drawing. 

Digital savviness

Looking at the future of work, digital savviness of our employees is very important. KLM is participant of the National Artificial Intelligence e-learning course in the Netherlands. 1,627 KLM employees participated this AI e-learning course in 2019.

In 2017, we opened KLM Digital Studio to provide the necessary digitization within KLM with speed and agility. We can look back on various successes. The aim of KLM Digital Studio is to develop easy to deal with digitization for our employees to make their work easier. Think of apps, virtual reality trainings. 

As HR we continue to enable our managers and employees HR Services and Processes, which are easy to deal with.